So this is what I'm thinking....

You are reading this because..

  • you or your client need images done that tell the whole story.. 
  • you have creative ideas or a project that you want to put into action but you just need some help with strategizing and directing so that you can tell and sell your story. 
  • You are a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur or artistprenuer and you want to maximize your creative offerings and hone your skills..

So you hired a photographer, creative director, or help you with your goal...

Instead what you ended up with are…images, a video product, content, or a finished product that was just..meh. That still did not tell your whole story. And left a lot of who you are to be desired. Or you ended up with a brainstorming/strategy session that just left you with the same mental space you had to begin with—jumbled. Or, you ended up with products or creative offerings that just did not leave your audience more connected to you and your brand.

Your clients and your audience did not get the big picture. They didn't get you..

This is where I step in, my friend. I get your problem. I get YOU

As a multi-passionate/multi-disciplined creative, artist, and professional ideator, I UNDERSTAND the importance your visual story being told to your desired audience

I KNOW what keeps us up at night in terms of our creative work.

I FEEL you.

I know how it feels when your story that is being told through your images and your creative and artistic offerings are not authentic.

They don't tell or show who you are. They don’t allow you to SHOW UP FULLY.

And they are not being bought (literally and figuratively). It keeps you from shining. Thriving. And keeps you away from the MONEY and satisfaction you deserve. 

I am Bessie A. Winn-Afeku. A wanderlusting photographervisual storyteller, and creative consultant. I was born in Axim, Ghana raised in Atlanta, Georgia (so you can call me a Ghanaian Peach..tee hee). My passion is helping creatives and artist tell their stories through imagery, words, and experiences. As a creative who is inspired by culture, travel, beauty, and the arts, I thrive in helping creative entrepreneurs connect with what moves them and turn what moves them into opportunities

In my past creative life, I acted in regional theatre productions, independent films, did a few pageants, and sang in front of a few audiences. I also founded a non-profit organization that empowers young women to create their own media.

From Germany to Atlanta to Hawaii, I have worked with and photographed creatives to help them better tell their story. I am passionate about working with creatives and helping them tell their stories through imagery, words, and developing their own new opportunities.

When you work with me, we partner together to capture the essence of your spirit into your images. I’m intuitive, I know IT when I see IT. And feel IT. I’m honest and I work on creative trust.

With my signature photography and videography sessions;  I use my gift of capturing and documenting the moments that show people who you are. what you do, and why your story matters.

 Through my one on one creative strategy sessions, I give creatives practical guidance. Together, we can make creative magic. That could be us… 

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  • Atlanta Power 30 Under 30 2010
  • Who's Who in Black Atlanta 2010
  • SWIBA Creative Business of the Year 2013
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Nu Lambda Omega Chapter Philanthropy and Community Service Award
  • Featured in APPLAUSE Africa Magazine 40 Change Makers Under 40 Issue