Sooooo..you probably got on this list to find out exactly what I’ve been talking about on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter about this romp through Europe with me for creative entrepreneurs.


The main thing you probably want to know is, “How much does it cost?”, “When is it so I can take time off?” and "What will we be doing?..

I’ll get to that..

but first..

Allow me tell you WHY I’m putting this tour together. I've been living in Germany for the past 2 and a this has afforded me the opportunity to really travel throughout Europe and become inspired with new ideas and new ways to create the type of business that reflects my truest self. I've learned that traveling is one of the best ways to stretch yourself, test yourself, create yourself, and connect with your truest self...all so that you can live the type of life you were designed to.

So, I thought to myself..wouldn't it be awesome if I brought together 10 creatively curious people, who love traveling, love exploring the arts and cultural scenes of different cities, and are looking for a fresh new way to live out their dreams and business goals, and take them to 2 of my favorite and most creatively stimulating and seductive cities in Europe ...Paris, France and Amsterdam, Holland?

Why Yes, It would be awesome!


So lets get down to it...

oops..wait.. Registration is now LIVE!!

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