When you forget your creative potential, and who you are, and all of the magic that is in each and every layer of you…What do you do?

You start peeling back the layers.

I’m fortunate enough to have in my tribe people who I can have enlightening and meaningful conversations with.  One topic that seems to always come up lately is the idea that sometimes we have to step back and remind ourselves of who we are. And we do, because sometimes we forget. It’s normal.

But we don’t have to stay in that space of doubt long.

As passion driven people it is inevitable that during our journey there will be times when we will have to step into ourselves and remind ourselves- that we are indeed the shit. When these moments seem to hover over you and paralyze you, give yourself a moment.

Take a moment and reflect on all the times you finished a project, the times when you were celebrated by your peers, your family, and yourself. Visualize all your victories and wins, every time you launched something, and all the moments and seasons in your life when you were unstoppable. And marinate on that. And lose yourself in those feelings those moments created. Because, by design, if you have done it once you can certainly do it again. And again.