Everyone is a photographer these day, or so it seems. But how many people are actually telling stories and pulling people in with their images?


Whether you are a parent wanting to documents your children and family and create a beautiful gallery wall in your home...a content creator looking to bring my depth and impact to the images you create, or a photographer that wants to expand their portfolios. These tips will help you. These tips are for anyone looking to transform their images from snapshots to stories. 

  1. Forget about capturing perfect poses. The more imperfect your subject the better. Trust me on this one. Remember, when capturing a visual story, your are not capturing posed portraits of your subject. You are telling the story like it is, and artfully.

  2. Study the cinematography of some of your favorite movies, take notice of how the visual story is told and transitions from one scene to another.  

  3. Pay attention to your setting and the different elements and details that are in it. These elements and details that show up in your images help convey important messages to the viewer.

  4. Your perceptive is important. How you position yourself with your camera make a HUGE difference. It can really shift your visual perspective. For example, if you are photographing a birth you can make a creative choice to shoot a few scenes from the vantage point of the father of the child, the doula/birthing assistance, or the view of the entire scene. Each one of those vantage points will tell a slightly different story.

If you found these tips helpful, then, I KNOW you will find value in my art of visual story telling course.  Click HERE to learn more about the course and to enroll.