It never failed, when I would first meet someone the small talk used to leave me feeling mentally clumsy and as soon as I was asked where I am from and what is it do.

Anxiety would usually kick in as soon as the words left someone’s mouth,

 “So, where are you from?”

And that is where I would typically give the run down, background story, the blah blah blah. And, if you are a first generation immigrant like myself, then I know you can relate.

I’d go…

“Weellll I was born in Ghana, West Africa, then my mother and I moved to Atlanta when I was about 5 years old...Okay wait let me back up. My dad is Black-American and he met my mother while on a trip to Ghana-.. Ok no, that's not important. So yeah, I grew up right outside of Atlanta in a city called Stone Mountain and have been a resident since but I spent the last 5 years living in Europe on and off.."

Whew…and that really gets to be a lot to say after a while.

And it’s the same type of anxiety that builds when I had to explain where "I'm from" that used to show up when asked  what it is I do.


If you are a multipassionate creative professional then you are no stranger to this feeling. I used to DRED the question so much when meeting people until a few years when I was finally able to blend and overlap the different aspects of my work together. Before I could create a concise description of my life's work and what I did?

 Tuh.. PANIC.I. Would. Panic.

 It would sound something like this…

“..I'm a photographer but every now and then I do some videography work for select clients. And, sometimes I'll work on a website or two and some past clients come to me for guidance and advise on creative projects. But when I'm not doing all of that I’m doing working with this non profit that I have…”

But now I usually end up saying something along these lines about who I am and what I do:

“I work with heart centered, culturally aware creative professionals, organizations, and brands who deliver their talents and services through multiple creative channels. My experience and talent allows me to step in and help them visually illustrate their story or fuse their multiple talents into one creative project or endeavor.”

And from that point on, I can pretty much predict the questions I'll be asked and this allows for me to control the narrative I'm sharing with the person wanting to know "what it is that I do".

My response is pretty much like an elevator pitch but not so succinct and corprate-ish. You see where I'm going with this?

If you are a multi passionate creative and you need a little bit of guidance with communicating what you do while in conversation with people when they ask you; I’ve got you covered. There are more ways than one to answer that question, but I'll share one of those ways.

As an aside, the question, "So, what do you do?" has always made me feel a certain type of way. I've always been more interested in who people are and what they are passionate about rather than "what they do" to make a living.

But anyway…

Here is one way to tell people what you do as a multi passionate creative entrepreneur/professional. So, first thing you'd want to do on your own is list everything you do, the type of projects, assignments, work you like doing, the type of things you value in your work, and the problems you solve with your work

When you take a look at your list, what is the reoccurring theme in the work you do? The reoccurring theme (or themes) and philosophies in everything you do and create? Implement that into your multipassionate creative micro story about what you do…or you elevator pitch so to speak.

Here’s and example.

Meet Kim: Kim is a working actor AND a financial advisor who recently started advising seasoned artist. Her passion for her work in the arts meets her passion for helping people organize their finances. During her down time you can find her giving private acting lessons and finically empowering actors.  

But when you meet her, she communicates what she does by saying she’s an actor who works to empower and educate artist both with honing their craft and making the most of their money while doing it.

Sounds simple right?

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