A few years ago I began a personal photography project called I AM THE CHANGE. It was a project that I had really big hopes for, naturally. I even raised a little bit of money via crowd sourcing platforms. My plans included traveling across the United States, Europe,  and West Africa photographing people and capturing their story through imagery. Needless to say, although I did not "complete" this particular project, the journey taught me some very important lessons about the importance of side projects.  So here is are a few reasons why I believe side projects are necessary: 

  1. It stimulates your creative juices.
  2. Side projects create more opportunities for attracting new clients. 
  3. It's something that you do for YOU. And you create on your own term. It fuels your passions. 
  4. Side projects allow you to takes the pressure off..and when the pressure is off, the brilliance becomes unlimited. 
  5. It fuels your main project. 
  6. They help you "test" your audience
  7. They can potentially turn into money making opportunities.
  8. They can become your "main thing". 
  9. Side projects give you a chance to experiment with new techniques.

Any other reasons why side projects are important that you can think of? Leave a comment below.