I’ve said this before, but I am the most creative after I leave the presence of amazingly creative people. They…we are magnetic. There is a certain flavor, a type of energy that us creatives give off that spark something in other people to “produce” or to create and to put certain things into action. Creative people and powerful thinkers inspire me. And then there is music…it also does the same thing for me.

Meet Mike Flo..emcee,  DJ (dead prez), world traveler, taste and fresh maker. Him and I got a chance to meet for coffee while I was home in Atlanta. Once you take a look at his Instagram feed,  you are instantly made aware that his style and eye for fashion is striking yet fresh. His energy…electric and infectious, but calming.

We talked all things travel, fashion, ideas, and creative inspiration. Introducing Mike Flo for this months 7 X 7 Portrait of a Creative

1. Realized he was drawn to music when..he was about eight years old and he would join his mother at work- she was a hair stylist. And while young Mike Flo was there he found himself flipping the records for his mother and her friends while they were busy with clients. It’s at that time he realized that he had a gift for for ushering good vibes to people through music.

2. What helps him get into his creative FLO… being open and non regimented.

3. Fashion and style influences: Sam Lambert, Shaka midea, Ouigi Theodore , Brooklyn Circus, Alexander Nash, indigenous highlights, 60’s Americana, early 90’s hip hop aesthetic, Dutch Wax fabrics, and extreme drop crotch pants.

4. What determines what music he will play is based on…the overall vision of what the night will look like, and the vibe of the crown. Mike Flo aims to give the crowds a good dose of random dopeness; delivering a wide range of music and pulling out the freshest tunes from a variety of artist old and new.

5. Currently listening to..Artist like Kendrick Lamar, Jhené Aiko, James Blake, Thelonious Monk, Donald Byrd

6. He’s from Chicago but currently resides in Atlanta.

7. Favorite places to travel: New Zealand, Senagal, and London



instagram @MikFloRBG

Images by Bessie Akuba Creative