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What Do Everyday Heroes, Meeting Annie Leibovitz, and My Mom Have in Common ?


What Do Everyday Heroes, Meeting Annie Leibovitz, and My Mom Have in Common ?

My mother has been been my everyday hero since the day I was born. The thing about her that I am most grateful for? The unselfish sacrifices that she makes day after day, even through my adult years to ensure that I am living my best life ever. She remains a constant reminder to me that the circumstances around someones birth, where they are from, and how much money ones parents make do not have to be the deciding factor in their children lives. From being born in a small village in Ghana, to raising 3 successful children-now adults in Atlanta, Ga, my mother continues to stand in her role as my hero

One of my biggest photography inspirations has always been Annie Leibovitz . If you've followed me for sometime, you'd know that one of my favorite books and sources of visual inspiration is Annie Leibovitz's book, Annie Leibovitz at Work.  I am so thrilled to be able to work in association with Annie Leibovitz. And not only does this opportunity allow me to spotlight my hero- my mom;  and one of my creative inspirations- Leibovitz,  but it also give us the opportunity to possibly meet Annie Leibovitz and learn more about her new exhibit WOMEN: New Portraits.

I invite you to submit entries of your own everyday women heroes by uploading portraits to Instagram and tagging the hashtag #ShareYourHero along with a caption highlighting what makes this person your hero and tag @UBS to be featured on the micro site.

From now until November one winner will be selected (each month) for a trip for two to New York City to visit the exhibition during the Three Day Hospitality program in November 2016. How dope is that? 

UBS is partnering with iconic photographer, Annie Leibovitz, to create WOMEN: New Portraits, a ten-city global exhibition of newly commissioned work. The tour launched in London in January 2016. 

Inspired by Annie Leibovitz’s incredible body of portraits depicting women, their diversity and strength, this digital initiative invites people to contribute their own pictures and descriptions of women that inspire them on a daily basis. 

“There’s a complete human story in every photograph. It’s going to make such a difference. It’s very, very important and it’s important to show human’s whole humanity.”- Gloria Steinem

So here is some more information about  the "WOMEN: NEW PORTRAITS Exhibition.

In 1999, Leibovitz published Women, a book of portraits made in collaboration with Susan Sontag. The popular series of photographs was accompanied by an exhibition that opened to great acclaim at the Corocan Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. 

Launched in London in January 2016, the UBS x Leibovitz collaboration continues to explore the changes in the roles of women today while bringing to life one of the greatest art exhibitions of the 21st century. 

The tour will travel to ten host cities over the course of twelve months. Each venue will be selected based on its unique architectural context within the host city as well as its ability to attract both local and global attention. 

Exhibition cities include the following:
• London
• Tokyo
• San Francisco
• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• Mexico City
• Istanbul
• Frankfurt
• New York
• Zurich

So with all that said, who is you hero? Be sure to share your portrait of of and use the #ShareYourHero hashtag and tag @UBS!


7X7 Portraits of a Creative:  Images that Tell Your Story w/ MIKE FLO


7X7 Portraits of a Creative: Images that Tell Your Story w/ MIKE FLO

I’ve said this before, but I am the most creative after I leave the presence of amazingly creative people. They…we are magnetic. There is a certain flavor, a type of energy that us creatives give off that spark something in other people to “produce” or to create and to put certain things into action. Creative people and powerful thinkers inspire me. And then there is music…it also does the same thing for me.